480 HP | 500 Nm | KW Clubsport suspension | Vossen VFS/1 | Wrapping (SchwabenFolia)

Göppingen, 04.05.2016. The chip tuning experts from southern Germany have presented their latest show car, the RaceChip Audi RS3. The factory performance of 367 HP and 465 Nm was increased to 410 HP and 520 Nm thanks to the RaceChip Ultimate.

373 HP | 500 Nm | H&R sport coilovers | Einkei Izumo | Karztec Carbon Airbox | Edel01 sports exhaust system | Wagner intercooler | Wrapping

The new Mercedes Benz C63 S AMG with the RaceChip Ultimate shows that even a vehicle that comes factory-equipped with sophisticated motorsport technology has serious potential to perform better.

It happens on a regular basis: our developers get a testing car and are so impressed after optimization that they don’t want to give it back. The Golf VII R was one of those vehicles.

At its factory specification of 495hp, the Jaguar F-Type S V8 is already equipped as a top model in the new Jaguar series. In terms of engine power, it runs at a level just a little bit below the Porsche 911 Turbo.