It happens on a regular basis: our developers get a testing car and are so impressed after optimization that they don’t want to give it back. The Golf VII R was one of those vehicles. At its factory Volkswagen settings it boasts the most powerful Golf engine, with over 300hp and 380Nm torque. A compact sports vehicle to quicken the heartbeat of any car enthusiast. And with the addition of our RaceChip Ultimate, your heart doesn’t just beat faster: it races.

After several adjustments and test drives, the Golf R, together with the Ultimate, produced impressive performance values of 360hp and 460Nm. This power increase gave the Golf R acceleration and dynamic values that put it head-to-head with much more expensive cars, such as the Audi RS3 (8V) and its 367hp, the A45 AMG from Mercedes with 360hp, or even the Porsche Cayman S, which has 325hp. The Ultimate brings guaranteed driving pleasure for every R driver.

The Golf R, alongside a RaceChip Ultimate, gives goose bumps due to its power delivery and impressive driving dynamics. Thanks to its tremendous unused power reserves and fantastic throttle response, it offers irresistible agility in all driving situations. The Ultimate gives you, as an R driver, the promise of absolute driving pleasure.

The Detailed Development Phase for the Golf VII R

To configure our RaceChip Ultimate, we adjusted our optimization software in a first test run on the Golf R. Here, our extensive experience with the 2.0 TFSI engine played a major role. In the early stages, we were able to achieve a good performance boost. But “good” wasn’t good enough for us. It had to be the best possible configuration. Once an initial adjustment has been found, the gradual optimization of our performance enhancement begins. Test runs are used alternately with extensive testing to evaluate the selected settings. The actual quality of a performance improvement can only be judged and experienced on the road.

This way, we gradually reach the ideal parameters for our optimization software. During testing, the vehicle is put through different driving situations.
It’s all about examining the car in the various scenarios that you will later experience as a RaceChip driver. A regular test cycle involves driving at different speeds, on both urban roads and cross-country highways, as well as in situations that require quick response times.

Once we are convinced we have found the ideal setting for the vehicle, we put it to the test again for a final performance measurement. In addition to the power take-off on the test bench, a range of additional quality tests is performed. We test our product from head to toe before it reaches our customers. Alongside the optimized values of the vehicle, we test the highest achievable speed, the brake system, exhaust emissions and even electromagnetic compatibility. As a RaceChip driver, you receive a performance increase with the highest quality standards.