RaceChip’s passion for driving shines through in new TV commercial

Goeppingen, May 16th, 2017. RaceChip, the market leader for electronic performance enhancement via auxiliary control unit, filmed a new television commercial on Tenerife and in two locations in Germany at the beginning of the year. Over five days of filming, RaceChip’s in-house production team created a 25-second ad and a 5-second tag-on video capturing the impressive driving dynamics of the RaceChip show car. The RaceChip team received additional support from two stunt drivers and a number of actors. The commercial has been shown in Germany since April 1st, 2017 on television stations such as RTL2, DMAX and N-TV. A director’s cut has been released on the RaceChip website, social media platforms and YouTube.

RaceChip appeals to car lovers of every age

On the way to work, along highways, narrow and windy roads – driving is the passion of RaceChip customers. That’s how it was when they went go-karting as a kid and that’s how it is to this day. This is the feeling that serves as the inspiration for RaceChip’s new commercial. It portrays a young boy who becomes a man and never loses his passion for cars. Of course, the main star of the commercial is the RaceChip Mercedes-Benz AMG C43 show car. Thanks to the RaceChip Ultimate with smartphone control, the AMG model boasts an impressive 435 HP and 634 NM (out of the factory 367 HP and 520 NM). RaceChip has also equipped the show car with a KW threaded spring set for agile suspension and Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires and light HRE 19-inch rims for the ideal grip.

In-house film team and multiple locations

The six-person RaceChip crew was joined by a drone pilot, a precision driver, a professional stunt driver who doubled as an actor, a young actor and several extras and assistants. The driving sequences were filmed exclusively on Tenerife along a route that was specially closed for the filming. Thanks to the team’s intensive preparation and the tight filming schedule, the footage at all three different locations was in the can in a very short time frame. Then, over one month of continuous postproduction, the best footage was selected and cut into a polished commercial. “The whole team once again proved its expertise with this second commercial. The result is thrilling and emotional and it communicates to the viewers how much more intense the driving experience is with a RaceChip”, said Dominic Ruopp, CEO of RaceChip. The stunt driver for the TV commercial, Uwe Mansshardt, had glowing words for the RaceChip film crew. “For me, the filming on Tenerife was a lot of fun – and that wasn’t only thanks to the sunny days. The whole team really got stuck in with a lot of enthusiasm and you see that in the commercial. The driving fun and the product just come across very well” said Mansshardt.

New ad on air

The German version of the commercial was broadcast starting April 1st, 2017 on various TV stations in Germany. The English version has appeared mostly as an Internet advertisement and can also be viewed on RaceChip’s YouTube channel. In addition to the 25-second video, a 1min 40s long director’s cut is also available on the YouTube channel. With extended driving scenes and a comprehensive background story, the ad conveys the core idea of the company – simply faster with RaceChip.