This week we’ve been lucky enough to test the brand new Toyota Yaris GR in stock. Does it live up to its expectations or is it just another small hot hatch?

The BMW 540d (G31) ist the fastest currently available diesel version of the 5 series. It comes with the latest iteration of BMWs well known inline six diesel engine with two turbochargers which result in a power output of 340 HP and 700 Nm of torque in stock – so pretty respectable performance figures.

The new RS6 (C8) is an absolute beauty and as far as we know, for the first time availably also for the US market! It comes with aan 4.0 V8 turbocharged engine with 600 HP and 800 NM of torque.

Since BMW introduced the M badge for their sporty models below the actual M cars, you regularly hear people complain about the fact that non-M cars shouldn’t have the sacred M-letter in their badge, just like it is the case with the facelifted M550i.

The Mercedes AMG GT4 Coupé 63 S four door is simply ridiculously good in all aspects. Its design convinces but its performance is just outrageous.

As the A90 Supra legacy started a year ago most of the people felt certain about the fact that it’s just a rebranded BMW Z4 and a total disappointment. But its B58 engine is already great in stock and offers a huge tuning potential.