RaceChip develops chip tuning for the Hyundai i30 N Performance

Goeppingen, 15.08.2018. In 2018, RaceChip has chosen a show car that clearly expresses the spirit of its products – more power for maximum performance and unbeatable driving pleasure. We are talking about the Hyundai i30 N Performance with stock 275 HP and 353 Nm. The performance is increased with the RaceChip GTS Black to 313 HP and 498 Nm. Lightweight rims from OZ, Pilot Sport tires from Michelin, performance springs from Eibach, a downpipe from HJS and a subtle wrap from Schwabenfolia have been added to complete the everyday race car.

RaceChip GTS Black pushes the i30 N to 313 HP performance

The stock Hyundai i30 N Performance already puts out 275 HP to the road. Even without chip tuning, this compact sports car has plenty of power. However, one notices when accelerating that the performance drops off a bit, especially in the upper rpm range. For this reason, RaceChip developed a performance upgrade for the Hyundai, which puts a decent amount of power throughout the entire rpm range. Thus, the i30 N manages a performance increase from 275 HP and 353 Nm to 313 HP and 498 Nm – an increase of 38 HP and 145 Nm of torque. With the installation of a downpipe from HJS, the performance increases even more to 320 HP and 524 Nm. The increase in torque is more noticeable while driving and develops the i30 N into a real race car.

Dominic Ruopp, CEO of RaceChip, is thrilled: “With the i30 N Performance, Hyundai has definitely built a great car. In stock condition, it already offers loads of fun. But with the RaceChip GTS Black it is unbelievable how much this car speeds up and, thanks to matching suspensions and tires, passes on the road. Anyone who has driven the i30 N with chip tuning certainly does not want to go back to stock conditions,” says Ruopp, describing the driving experience of the latest RaceChip show car. “The sound, the responsiveness, but above all the acceleration and power of the engine in the middle-speed range give the driver a real racing feeling,” continues Ruopp.

Tuning modifications at its finest

313 HP and 498 Nm is what the RaceChip GTS Black unleashes out of the 2.0 T-GDI engine from Hyundai. That is 68 HP and 128 Nm more than the Golf GTI Performance (245 HP and 370 Nm), from which the Hyundai was originally modeled in many ways, but has now outclassed it in terms of performance. To further improve the sportiness and the potential of the i30 N, RaceChip has also added OZ Leggera HLT rims, Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires, 15mm performance springs and an anti-roll-kit from Eibach as well as a subtle wrap with unusual details from Schwabenfolia. The downpipe from HJS brings the finishing touches with a rich and aggressive sound.

A new film, exclusively produced for the RaceChip show car, shows the RaceChip Hyundai i30 N is now what you would expect from a hot hatch: impressive acceleration, sport-tuned suspension and direct steering feel – in short, pure driving pleasure.